There are 22 days left before Jeon Hoon’s departure. 5 free agents without negotiations… Are there only white flag surrenders

 Now there are only 22 to 23 days left until the start of the training camp. In order to receive systematic training in field training, there is a high possibility that he will have to raise the white flag.

Of the 21 applicants, on December 15 last year, Lee Jae-hak signed a 2+1 year, up to 900 million won contract with NC Dinos for the 15th time, and there has been no new contract for three weeks. The joining of the released players is also almost finished. Released players who have not found a new team sometimes announce their retirement.

Six unsigned free agents are still there. Han Hyun-hee (29) Jung Chan-heon (32, Lee Sang Kiwoom Heroes) Kwon Hee-dong (32) Lee Myeong-gi (35, Lee Sang-i NC Dinos) Shin Bong-gi (33, KT Wiz) Kang Ri-ho (32, former Kang Yun-gu, Lotte Giants) remain the same. remain in the FA market.

Only Shin Bong Ki-won received a specific amount of money from KT, the team he belongs to, and there is no word that the other five players are negotiating with their original team as well as other teams.

KT plans to meet Shinbongi again next week to continue contract negotiations. Shinbongi has the opportunity to sign a contract even if it is not the amount he wants. However, the other five still have no specifics. 메이저사이트

Now the field training is coming. A week has passed since the beginning of the new year. Each club will start field training from the 29th. Non-contractors, of course, cannot go to field training. It is not easy to build a strong body and improve physical condition through personal training alone.

Of course, due to the injuries of key players during field training, opportunities may come to uncontracted free agents. Dramatically, you can achieve the contract you want. But the chances of this happening are very few.

As time goes by, the possibility of becoming a FA jackpot rather than a FA jackpot increases. There are also rumors that some free agents are thinking of going abroad. This is proof that the domestic market is frozen.

So far, the white flag surrender seems to be the only way to survive. Rather than waiting for the club’s amount to be presented, the players may first have to come up with conditions that will make the club nod. As the off-season training start date approaches, the remaining players have no choice but to be more anxious.

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