‘Tim Bromdal’ World 3-Cushion Grand Prix Team Challenge invitation winner

On the night of the 22nd, the final at the Inter-Burgo Hotel Wonjuseo… 120:74 complete victory over Team Mux
Bromdal-Choi Wan-young-Wingtrantantu-Piedra Buena Multinational team
tied for 3rd place Team Kim Jun-tae Team Sea Dome
Individual exhibition from the 23rd… TV YouTube Naver Kakao live streaming

The first winning team of the World 3-Cushion Grand Prix ‘Team Challenge’, which drew attention with its new game method, was Tim Bromdal.

Team Bromdal (Bromdal Choi Wan-young Wingtrantandu Piedrabuena), Team Mux (Mux Nelin) in the finals of the ‘Challenge Ground’ (hereinafter referred to as Team Challenge) team event of the ‘World 3-Cushion Grand Prix 2023’ held at the Inter-Burgo Hotel in Wonju, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do on the night of the 22nd Hwang Bong-ju (Noriko)) with 120:74 (76 innings) to win the first championship.

Team Kim Jun-tae (Kim Jun-tae, Garcia Hashas Klompenhauer) and Team Seadom (Sidom Choi Seong-won, Katano Kim Gwang-hyun) took the joint third place.

The winning team received 12 million won, the runner-up 8 million won, and the joint third place 6 million won each. 메이저사이트

In the final between Team Bromdal and Tim Mux, which consisted of four teams: Tobjorn Bromdahl and Eddie Mux, Wingtrantantu and Dion Nelin, Pedro Piedra Buena and Hwang Bong-ju, Choi Wan-young and Pukao Noriko, Tim Bromdahl defeated Tim Mux. Overwhelmed throughout.

Tim Bromdal took a 42:15 lead over Tim Mux 15 minutes into the game and took the lead from the start. Tim Bromdal still took the initiative with a lead of 74:40 even after 30 minutes from the start of the game, and broke through the 100-point mark (101:63) just 10 minutes later.

Tim Bromdal, who maintained his pace even after that, finished the game with 120:74 (76 innings) in 52 minutes and won the championship cup.

In this game, ‘team leader’ Bromdal defeated ‘enemy captain’ Mux by 41:18, making a decisive contribution to the championship, and Choi Wan-yeong also beat Noriko by a large margin with a score of 35:10 (22 innings). Also, Piedrabuena defeated Hwang Bong-ju with 21:15 (19 innings), and only Wingtrantantu fell behind Nelin with 23:31 (20 innings).

Team Bromdal advanced to the quarterfinals by finishing first in Group C (Tim Tasdemir, Team Kim Haeng-jik, Team Heo Jeong-han) with 3 wins in the previous group stage, and in the quarterfinals, Team Kim Haeng-jik (Kim Haeng-jik Legazpi Soares Kim Hyung-gon) 120:92 (82 innings). Tim Bromdal defeated Team Sidom (Sidom Choi Seong-won, Katano Kim Gwang-hyeon) in the semifinals with a score of 120:112 (72 innings) and advanced to the final.

The ‘Team Challenge’, which was first introduced at this competition, is a method in which two teams face each other, and four members of each team start the match at the same time on four tables and win when the total score is 120 points first.

Meanwhile, from tomorrow (23rd), the main event individual exhibition with a prize of 135 million won will begin. The game will be broadcast live on TV (Sky Sports, JTBC Golf & Sports) and new media (YouTube Five and Six Channel, Afreeca TV, Kakao, Naver). In addition, it will be recorded and broadcast through Sky Sports, JTBC Golf & Sports, and MBC Net channels.

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