“To avoid repeating mistakes”… Lee Yong-gyu, who put down the captaincy, ‘Blowing Resurrection Project’

 “Last year, I felt sorry for my juniors.”

Lee Yong-gyu (38, Kiwoom Heroes) left for Kaohsiung, Taiwan via Incheon International Airport on the 7th.

The first overseas battery training in Kiwoom. Kiwoom reached out to him after he was released from the Hanwha Eagles after the end of the 2020 season, and Lee Yong-gyu successfully revived with 2.96 0.6 and 17 stolen bases.

Lee Yong-gyu, who led the team with extraordinary leadership, took over as captain after two years. However메이저사이트, the season results did not follow. He made a name for himself as the KBO league’s best alternating hitter, but his batting average for the season was 1.99.

This season, Lee Yong-kyu handed over the captaincy to Lee Jung-hoo and started preparing for a year as the ‘Cheolchibusim’.

Kiwoom split camp this season with Arizona, USA and Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Aside from the concept of 1st and 2nd team camps, players who need to quickly raise their sense of actual combat have headed to Taiwan, where there are many practice games.

Lee Yong-gyu said, “The season hasn’t started, and many players who were in the first team are going. It’s important how I prepare. I’ll do my best to prepare well with the same mindset.”

In a situation where it was difficult to leave overseas due to Corona 19, the clubs went to an overseas camp for the first time in three years. When he got out of the country and started training overseas, Lee Yong-kyu said, “It’s nice to be able to exercise in a good environment. I have no other thought but to build a good body as I planned.”

At camp, I looked at one ‘hit’. Lee Yong-kyu said, “Last year, I collapsed ridiculously. I wonder if there will be good results if I do well as I studied while doing individual exercises and watching videos.” We will make sure this doesn’t happen again,” he said.

Kiwoom is planning more than 10 actual matches in Taiwan. Lee Yong-kyu said, “I am in very good shape. Even if I go into technical training, it has nothing to do with it. Now, how I prepare is important. I have never been good at the beginning of the pro game, so I want to play the game quickly.”

He has put down the captaincy, but he will continue to take responsibility as a senior. Lee Yong-gyu said, “I didn’t feel burdened even when I made a claim. It’s more important how I do on the ground, not whether I claim or not.” I will do it,” he promised.

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