‘Undefeated March’ Ansan, home to ‘Real Kim Cheon Sangmu’

Ansan Greeners (Owner Lee Min-geun) will challenge for a home win streak against ‘Star Corps’ Kim Cheon.

 Ansan will play a home game against Gimcheon and Hana One Q K League 2 2023 Round 11 at Ansan Wa~ Stadium on the 3rd at 7:30 pm. 

Recently, Ansan is on the rise with 1 win, 2 draws and undefeated. In the confrontation with strong teams such as Jeonnam Dragons and Busan I-Park, he created a good atmosphere by taking care of the performance and results. The home record this season is also strong with 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Ansan is determined to continue this momentum in the Gimcheon match. 

The secret to Ansan’s recent undefeated streak is its tight and well-organized defense. Recorded no goals in a row against Jeonnam and Busan. The back-three defense is gradually settling in, and confidence has increased as it is persistent and has good concentration. 크크크벳

On the other hand, the offense was somewhat disappointing with 2 points in 3 games. The content of the game is not bad. Foreign duo Thiago and Gabriel, as well as domestic strikers such as Jeong Ji-yong, Lee Hyeon-gyu, Kim Gyeong-jun, and Jung Jae-min, are leading the attack with ball keeping, quick breakthroughs and bold shots.

Speed ​​racer Kim Bum-soo, who moved to the center, and Kim Jin-hyun, midfield commander, are getting better and better. Ansan’s message is that if they use their determination, they can expect better offensive power.

This time, Gimcheon is lined with K-League 1 top clubs and national team players such as Kwon Chang-hoon, Lee Young-jae, Yoon Jong-gyu, Kim Jin-gyu, Jo Young-wook, Park Min-gyu, Lee Sang-min, and Kim Dong-hyun. The Kimcheon team, which puts splendid individual skills and firepower at the forefront, is very threatening.

Ansan digging into Gimcheon’s weaknesses, and conveyed their aspirations to win by making use of decisiveness along with quick counterattacks based on solid defense.

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