Upon his return on loan, his team-mate CR7… Kim Jin-soo “I really didn’t know Ronaldo was going”

 If you return to your home team, will there be Cristiano Ronaldo (38)?

Jeonbuk Hyundai Kim Jin-soo (31) did not hide his surprised expression, saying, “I really didn’t know how to go,” when Cristiano Ronaldo went to Al Nasr, Saudi Arabia, his original team.

Kim Jin-soo attended a press conference held at the Jeonbuk Hyundai Clubhouse on the 12th. After taking a break after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he joined Jeonbuk on the 10th and is resuming his training. 

Kim Jin-soo expressed his determination, “I know how to prepare for this season as we missed the league championship we wanted last year.”  메이저사이트

Kim Jin-soo prepares for the 2023 season after the 2022 season, in which he played many games. However, the variable is the rental contract period with Jeonbuk. 

There are six months left before returning to his original club, Al Nasr (Saudi Arabia). Kim Jin-soo, who was in a similar situation last season, said, “The situation is not much different from a year ago. Whether I stay in Jeonbuk or join another team, I have to watch the situation. My personal opinion right now is to join Al-Nasr.” 

If Kim Jin-soo returns to Al Nasr due to the expiration of his lease period, he will coincidentally share a meal with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (38).

Ronaldo terminated his contract with Manchester United during the World Cup. After a sniping interview with Manchester United manager Eric Turnhach, he was completely out of sight and left the club by mutual agreement. 

Afterwards, Al Nasr recruited Ronaldo with the highest annual salary of 200 million euros (about 270 billion won). Ronaldo overturned his previous statement that he would not move to the Middle East and entered Saudi Arabia. 

Kim Jin-soo moved to Al Nasr in the 2020 season, but was unable to play a normal game due to a long-term injury. During the 2021 season, he chose a one-year lease transfer to Jeonbuk.

He said, “I really didn’t know how to go. I was really surprised and Saudi Arabian football is investing a lot. I know that Saudi football is working hard to develop.” said. 

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