Uruguay beats the rain to the top of the mountain

In the final of the tournament, South American powerhouse Uruguay overcame a ‘rain-soaked’ Italy to win their first ever U20 World Cup title.

The game was decided in the 41st minute of stoppage time after a thrilling battle between the two teams.

It started with a corner kick, and then Luciano Rodriguez scored a golden header!

Uruguay tied the game at 1-0.스포츠토토

Here’s a look at Uruguay’s last chance to add a second goal in stoppage time, after they’d just stopped an Italian onslaught.

After blocking the opposing free kick, the Uruguayan players storm past the depleted Italian players.

A whopping five Uruguayan attackers and only one Italian defender.

And then this.

A solo sprint.

It’s greedy, and it’s ridiculously close to the keeper.

Still, it didn’t stop them from winning.

With a 1-0 win over Italy, Uruguay had reached the top of the Under-20 World Cup for the first time ever, and the stadium had turned into a festive, frenzied atmosphere.

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