War of nerves between Kim Ha-sung and Boston pitcher, what was the problem?

Ha-seong Kim of the San Diego Padres had a war of nerves with the opposing pitcher. This rare scene, what happened?

Ha-seong Kim had a light fight with the opposing pitcher after stepping off with a floating ball against Martin in the bottom of the 8th inning of a home game against the Boston Red Sox held on the 21st (Korean time).

As Martin looked at him, he responded by opening his arms. Martin turned his head and did not respond, and the 1st base umpire and 1st base coach stopped Kim Ha-seong, so it did not spread into a bigger commotion.

On the relay screen, Martin glared at Kim Ha-sung enough to make him angry. He looked after him, but something seemed dissatisfied. It was a scene where he could feel that he was swearing at himself from Ha-seong Kim’s point of view.

A day later, on the 22nd, Bob Scanlan, a sideline reporter for ‘Valley Sports San Diego’, a broadcaster hosted by the Padres club, answered the question to some extent.

Scanlan cited multiple sources in the sideline reporting during the broadcast of the final match of the series between the two teams on the 22nd, and explained why Martin was displeased with Ha-seong Kim.

According to this, he had dissatisfaction with the timing of Kim Ha-sung entering the plate. He thought that Ha-seong Kim did not prepare to bat from the beginning, but was wasting time with only one foot in the plate.스포츠토토

With the introduction of the pitch clock in Major League Baseball, hitters must prepare to hit before the clock drops to eight seconds. The problem is that ‘quick pitch’, in which a batter pitches before preparing to hit, is prohibited, but batters use this in reverse and do not take a position to prepare for a hit until 8 seconds, putting pressure on the pitcher.

It is an action that has no problem at all because it is an action using the rules. Why is the opposing team so hot?

Scanlan said Boston was on the verge of doing the same thing earlier against the St. Louis Cardinals. St. Louis catcher Wilson Contreras rocked doing the same against Boston closer Kenley Jansen, who collapsed allowing three runs. Boston, which had a nightmare at this time, reacted sensitively.

One fortunate thing for Kim Ha-seong is that he won’t be able to see Boston until at least next year. Because the two teams belong to different leagues. It is only possible in the World Series to face each other again this season.

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