Washington Post “Bower accused of assault, can play in Korea or Japan”

There is a prospect that Trevor Bower, a top right-handed pitcher in the Major Leagues of the American Professional Baseball, who was released on charges of assaulting a woman, can play in Korea or Japan.

The Washington Post of the United States explained the current situation of Bower, who was put on hold by the Los Angeles Dodgers yesterday (7th), and said, “Bower is a polarized player (skills and personality), and it is questionable whether other MLB teams will recruit Bower.” .

“In the past, MLB has cases where players who were disciplined for violence and sexual assault have returned, but it will not be easy for Bower,” he said. “Bower can freely sign contracts with teams in foreign leagues such as Korea or Japan.

With the observation that he was virtually expelled from MLB, it is a sober view that Bower’s only place to play is in overseas leagues outside the United States.

The reason this media looks at Bower’s chances of remaining in the MLB is because of his crime and behavior after punishment.

The Washington Post explained, “Bauer did not admit the fact of the offense and sued the victim and witnesses.”

“Bauer did not admit the fact of violence, but recently, during a police investigation, there was a phone call admitting violence,” he said.

Bower was at the center of controversy in 2021 when it was revealed that he had engaged in violent and sadistic behavior during sexual intercourse with a woman.

He was investigated by the prosecution

The Dodgers team, which was watching Bower’s situation, took measures to release Bower on the 7th, accepting the payment of the remaining annual salary ($22.5 million).

Bower is a top-tier pitcher who received the National League Cy Young Award for the 2020 season.

MLB teams can acquire Bower for as little as $720,000 (about 900 million won), which is the MLB minimum salary.

However, there is no clear recruitment movement yet.

It’s because of the gaze and criticism of the surroundings, and Bauer’s personality problem.

Bower has often stirred up controversy for his erratic behavior in the past. 메이저사이트

He was cautioned by MLB officials while flying his personal drone during spring camp in 2015, and missed a postseason game the following year after injuring his finger while trying to fix an endrone.

In 2018, he raised suspicions of illegal pitching by fellow pitchers in the league through social media, and when he failed to win the video during that year, he compared himself with the winner.

Bower frequently engaged in verbal battles with fans and reporters on social media, and in 2019 he was criticized for throwing his pitches out of the field after becoming dissatisfied with pitching changes.

In the 2021 exhibition game, he also performed eccentricities, such as pitching with one eye closed against Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres).

Teams that recruit troublemaker Bower have to deal with player management issues, handling gossip, and teamwork issues.

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