Weekend League 13 zone first / second half group formation complete

The 2023 high school baseball weekend league, which will be held from March 18th, has been completed.

On the 9th, the Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA, President: Lee Jong-hoon) announced the organization of the 바카라사이트weekend league, which was decided through a meeting of representatives of each school. A total of 93 schools in 13 regions will compete. However, this time, the criteria for participating in each national competition were not announced. As strengthening training is continuing at each school, it is expected that a decision will be made between the end of February and the beginning of March when the training is completed.

This high school baseball season will feature 93 schools/teams, the most since the start of the weekend league. In particular, baseball clubs were born in each region, and the form of studying at school and participating in competitions in clubs was further expanded. In addition, there are schools that have converted from existing school baseball clubs to clubs.

Most of the 13 regions were organized in much the same way as last year. 3 in Seoul, 1 in Seoul/Incheon, 2 in Gyeongsangbuk-do/Province, 1 in Busan/Jeju, 3 in Gyeonggi, 1 in Gyeonggi/Gangwon, 1 each in Daejeon/Chungcheong and Gwangju/Jeolla divided into regions. Among them, schools with clear regional locations were grouped equally in the first half and second half (see data photo).

Meanwhile, the association announced that the detailed schedule for the weekend league would be announced separately after securing stadium rentals for each region, and that as many schools as possible would continue discussions to stage the national finals.

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