‘What to do with Arsenal’ Wonder Kid extension refusal atmosphere ‘Isn’t it number one?’

Arsenal is feeling the atmosphere that they may miss Wonder Kid.

According to sports outlet ‘The Athletic’, Paulaline Balogan wants to be given the opportunity as a first-choice option and has no plans to extend her contract with Arsenal unless this is the case.

Balogan joined Arsenal’s youth team in 2008. After that, he rose to prominence and gave the intensity of his Wonder Kid. However, he had no place in the first team.

He moved between loans for opportunities, first at Middlesbrough and now at Stade de Reims in France.

The impact of Balogan is intense. While he plays as the main striker, he is recording 19 goals and 2 assists in offensive points.

It is a footnote that has shown tremendous growth. He has been highly praised for his strength in scoring, activity, and pressing defense. With this on his back, he was even picked up for the England national team.

Balogan should return to Arsenal at the end of the season. However, he is sensing an unpleasant atmosphere. 스포츠토토

After acknowledging the possibility, Arsenal are said to be considering a loan extension after extending the contract with Vallogan until June 2025.

However, Balogan wants to play in a team that is immediately used as a sense of power and is emitting an atmosphere that he will refuse to extend his contract with Arsenal unless it is the first option.

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