Where is the new director of ‘appointment completed’… A coach who is one year older than Kim Yeon-kyung takes over as acting 

Heungkuk Life Insurance became a mess in an instant, starting with the resignation of manager Kwon Soon-chan. This time, another unconvincing situation occurred in which the debut match of the new manager, who had been appointed, was postponed.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which even left head coach Lee Young-soo following coach Kwon Soon-chan, appointed Kim Ki-joong, Sunseon Girls’ High School coach, as a new command tower to settle the confusion on the 6th. Heungkuk Life Insurance said in a press release, “We decided that director Kim Ki-joong, who had rich experience and leadership in the field, was the right person. Coach Kim said, “I will quickly pick up the team and support them so that they can perform at their best,” and coach Kim said, “I came back to Heungkuk Life Insurance, where I had shared the joys and sorrows of the past four years, and took on a new challenge. I will show you a good game so that I can repay the passionate support of the fans.”

However, ahead of the match against IBK IBK in Hwaseong on the 8th, which was Kim’s debut match, news came that he had not been able to finish the job of appointing the manager. The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) announced on the morning of the 8th that “Heungkuk Life Insurance has finished the job of appointing a coach, so coach Kim Dae-kyung will act as an acting coach for today’s game.” 

Usually, the announcement of the appointment of a new director is made after all administrative procedures have been completed. Afterwards, after registering with the Korea Volleyball Federation, they will make their debut in the closest game at the time of the announcement. According to the explanation of the club, it is an unprecedented situation in which the game is played as an acting manager after the announcement of the appointment of the manager due to an administrative error. Even head coach Lee Young-soo, who was in charge of the acting manager, stepped down and played the game as an acting manager. 

Then, when will coach Kim Ki-joong have his debut match as a leader? An official from Heungkuk Life told OSEN, “The work of appointing director Kim Ki-joong is in the final stage. He gave a principled answer, saying, “I hope you will wait a little longer. 메이저사이트

Acting coach Kim Dae-kyung, born in 1987, was nominated as the 5th pick in the 2nd round of Hyundai Capital in the 2009-2010 rookie draft, and after retiring at the end of the 2012-2013 season, he quickly entered the path of a leader. In the meantime, he served as a coach for KGC Ginseng Corporation and IBK Corporate Bank, and was continuing his coaching career at Heungkuk Life Insurance. 

Everything from the dismissal of the coach to the incomprehensible explanation of the new general manager is a series of noise. And even the work of appointing a new command tower to settle the atmosphere was not handled properly, and the game was played under the direction of a leader who was only a year older than Kim Yeon-kyung. Acting Kim Dae-kyung had performed the duties of acting coach once at the Suncheon KOVO Cup last summer when former coach Kwon Soon-chan was confirmed for Corona 19.

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