Why did home run king Park Byeong-ho get only 3 intentional 4 pitches

Walk. In Major League Baseball (MLB), it is called a ‘free pass’. Toronto Hyun-jin Ryu has a pitching philosophy of not giving out walks rather than getting hits.

A walk is an important factor in increasing a hitter’s on-base percentage. Kiwoom Lee Jeong-hoo, who had the highest on-base percentage last season (0.421), also picked 66 walks. Tied for 5th in this category. With 12 intentional 4 pitches, he is tied for the lead with Samsung Jose Pirella. Rather than walking, attention is focused on intentional 4-pitch tied for first place.

In fact, intentional 4 pitches are proportional to home run hitters. When there are runners on base, depending on the situation, hitters with high accuracy also get intentional 4 pitches, but home run hitters get more. Because the impact is great. Former San Francisco Barry Bonds, who showed tremendous destructive power with a banned substance in MLB’s intentional 4 balls, broke all records.

Bonds was the intentional four-pitch leader for seven consecutive seasons from his last year in Pittsburgh in 1992 to San Francisco in 1998. In MLB career, he was the leader in 12 seasons. He also ranked first in the walk category for 12 seasons. In 2004, when he hit 45 homers, he got a total of 120 intentional 4 pitches in one season. A total of 232 walks this year. Bonds is the MLB record holder in three categories: home runs (762), walks (2558), and intentional four pitches (688).

Who was the most intentional 4 pitches in MLB in the 2022 season? Homerun King New York Yankees Aaron Judge? not. Cleveland Guardians third baseman Jose Ramirez has 20. Judge got on base with 19 intentional fours.

Ramirez had just 69 walks, half the number of jerseys. He got 20 of his 69 walks, or 28.9%, on intentional four pitches. The reason is that Cleveland’s lineup is composed of rifle units that pose less threat if Ramirez is avoided. Cleveland is 14th in the American League with 127 home runs. Ramirez hit a team-high 29, and first baseman Josh Naylor is second with 20. Ramirez is like Kim Ki-tae (KT 2nd team manager) of the old double-bang-wool. Opponent pitchers facing Ssangbang-bang could skip the innings if they avoided Kim Ki-tae. 메이저사이트

A home run hitter often gets on base with intentional 4 pitches, but strikes out a lot. The most strikeout victims in MLB last season was Philadelphia slugger Kyle Schwaber with 200. Schwaber is the National League home run leader with 46 homers. Judge, who hit 62 homers, is second in the American League (AL) with 175. The AL record for most strikeouts is Jugenio Suarez of the Seattle Mariners with 196. He hit 31 home runs.

In the KBO League, SSG Hanyu Island and KIA Na Seong-beom are joint leaders in this category with 137 strikeouts. Interestingly, Hanyu-seom and Na Seong-beom, who had the most strikeouts, tied for 9th with 21 home runs. KT Park Byeong-ho, who has the most home runs (35), is fifth in this category with 131 strikeouts. There are only 3 intentional 4 balls. This also means that KT hitter 5, who supports Byeong-ho Park, was weak.

In 1961, New York Yankees Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris challenged Babe Ruth’s record of 60 home runs in a season. Maris finished the season with 61 and Mantle, who played in only 153 games through injury, had 54. On the year, Mantle walked 126 and nine intentional fours, while Maris only walked 94. The intentional 4th ball was zero. It was because Maris was behind Mantle. 

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