World No. 1 Park Ji-won “I really want to go to the Olympics”

A new ace named Park Ji-won, who has won 14 World Cup gold medals, appeared in the Korean men’s short track this season.

Reporter Lee Jun-hee 바카라사이트met Park Ji-won, who said he would stand on the Olympic stage even after serving in the military.


Park Ji-won, a surprising star in Korean ice skating, boasts a status comparable to Choi Min-jung this season.

Park Ji-won, who won 14 gold medals in the 6 World Cup series, proudly took first place in the World Cup overall and even became the star of the first crystal glove.

The secret to unlocking his potential at the age of 28 was the Beijing Olympics, which he had no choice but to watch on television. [Soundbite] Park Ji-won/Short Track Speed ​​Skating Representative : “Actually, it was difficult. I had to do better again. I thought that if I prepared better , I

could become a different me.”

I promise to enjoy the weight of [Soundbite] Park Ji-won/Short Track Speed ​​Skating Representative : “This is very heavy. I think this weight is the weight that ranks first, and I feel really happy to be able to hold it and

show it to you.”

Park Ji-won failed to complete his military service.

But even after serving in the military, he is determined to go to the Olympics.

[ Soundbite] Park Ji- won/Short Track National Representative : “I think (military service) is a natural duty and I will have to leave when the time comes, but I will come back even after my (military) service.” It is energizing.

This is Lee Jun-hee from KBS News.

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