World Series MVP who fell to the top of the history, “I threw the ball… but it is unclear how to recover”

Washington Nationals pitcher Steven Strasburg 메이저사이트(35), who is on the verge of falling from the World Series MVP to an all-time high, started throwing the ball again. However, it is still unclear whether it will come back. 

The US’New York Post’ reported on the 3rd (Korean time) that Strasburg was throwing a ball near his home in Washington. However, the explanation added that “thoracic outlet syndrome is not certain, so the prognosis for pitching is still unclear.” 

Strasburg was Washington’s signature pitcher. In the 2009 draft, he was a top-notch prospect who was nominated by Washington as the first overall pick in the first round. He won the most wins and strikeout titles once, and was awarded three All-Stars and World Series MVP. 

In 2019, he played an active role in 6 postseason games (5 starts) with an average ERA of 1.98 with 5 wins and no losses, leading Washington to its first World Series championship. He won the MVP by becoming the winning pitcher in both Game 2 (2 runs in 6 innings) and Game 6 (2 runs in 8⅓ innings). 

Strasburg, who became a free agent by opting out after winning the championship, remained in Washington with a 7-year, $245 million contract. Following Gerrit Cole (9 years, $324 million), who transferred as a free agent to the New York Yankees at the same time, he signed the second largest contract ever as a pitcher and was recognized for his value. 

But then the misfortune began. In 2020, the first year of his contract, the season ended after two games due to carpal tunnel syndrome. In 2021, all five games pitched due to shoulder and neck pain. He was diagnosed with thoracic impingement syndrome, and underwent surgery to remove ribs and neck muscles and was rehabilitated for a year. He made his comeback on June 10 last year, but it was his last appearance of the season. During bullpen pitching, a nervous system problem occurred in the same area again and the season was out.

8 games (31⅓ innings) 1 win 4 losses ERA 6.89 for 3 years after signing free agency. It is an all-time high score, but the bigger problem is the uncertain future. In an interview with the Washington Post last September, Strasberg said, “There is still a big question mark. His shoulder has improved, but I don’t know what the future holds. Time passes and I don’t get younger,” he said, expressing his despair. 

He threw the ball back, but we’ll have to see what his next plan will be. The Washington and Strasburg deal has another $140 million remaining over the next four years.

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