Yoo Do-hoon, director of Korea Gas Corporation, “There is still a chance to challenge” … Jo Sang-hyun, LG manager, “I told him to do the basics first”

“There is still a chance to challenge” (Do-Hoon Yoo, director of Korea Gas Corporation)
“I said we should do the basics first” (Director Sang-Hyeon Cho, LG)

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation will hold the 2022-2023 SKT A.Dot professional basketball regular league at the Daegu Indoor Gymnasium on the 8th. Meet Changwon LG.

Korea Gas Corporation had to make major changes to the squad after the end of the 2021-2022 season. This is because Doo Kyung-min (183cm, G) obtained FA (free agent) qualifications, and Kim Nak-hyun (184cm, G) enlisted in the military.

There was a big gap in the guard line of Korea Gas Corporation. I found a resource to replace Doo Kyung-min and Kim Nak-hyun. Asia Quarter Zero recruited SJ Belrangel (177cm, G), and brought in Lee Dae-seong (190cm, G), the top scorer in Korea, from Carrot, Goyang.

Jeong Hyo-geun (200cm, F) returned from injury, and Lee Dae-heon (196cm, F) was alive and well. Forward resources such as Chabawi (190cm, F), Park Ji-hoon (193cm, F), Jeon Hyeon-woo (193cm, F) and Shin Seung-min (195cm, F) were also abundant.

Korea Gas Corporation, which made sure to reinforce its power, was selected as one of the candidates for the championship. There were times when it was on the rise. However, they have lost all of their last 5 matches. 9th place 메이저사이트with 13 wins and 24 losses.

Korea Gas Corporation coach Yoo Do-hoon said before the game, “The content of the game was good. It just didn’t yield results. It’s a difficult situation, but there are still opportunities to challenge.”

After that, “A goal must come from a foreign player, or a goal must come from the opposite side of (Lee) Daesung. I hope everyone will try it with confidence.”

On the other hand, LG must keep its second place.

From the 2022-2023 season, coach Jo Sang-hyun, who was newly appointed, identified LG’s strengths and weaknesses. Coach Cho Sang-hyun, who identified the strengths and weaknesses, communicated a lot with the team. The purpose of communication was to give the team the necessary color.

The color that director Cho Sang-hyun tried to put on is ‘sticky air defense movement’. He laid the foundation for a quick attack with solid defense and pursued organized and organic offensive movements.

The color change that LG wanted came out well. ‘Sticky defense’, ‘strong energy level’, and ‘quick attack transition’ are being done well. Lee Jae-do (180cm, G), Lee Kwan-hee (191cm, G), and Asem Marey (202cm, C) held the center, and Yoon Won-sang (181cm, G) and Jeong In-deok (196cm, F) came out newly.

The second units, Kim Jun-il (200cm, C) and Dante Cunningham (203cm, F), are showing their strength. The rising trend of Jung Hee-jae (196cm, F) is also welcome. Thanks to this, LG solidified its second place. However, they have to endure the 3rd and 4th place teams such as Ulsan Hyundai Mobis (23-16) and Seoul SK (22-16).

Before the match, LG coach Jo Sang-hyun said, “Our performance has not been very good recently. There were physical problems, and there were aspects where concentration was poor.”

He continued, “We talked about the direction of airlift in the morning. He ordered the players to do the basics first and do what they can do well. It’s difficult to do the basics well from start to finish, but the days when you can’t do the basics are difficult.”

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