You must make the meaning of life yourself

 Lydia Ko of New Zealand nationality won the CME Group Tour Championship in the final round of the 2022 LPGA season, winning major categories such as Player of the Year, Prize Money, and Average At bats. It is the first time in six years since 2016 that three wins have been won in one year. After 5 years and 5 months, it regained the world’s No. 1 spot. It has been stagnant for a while, and it seems to have completely escaped from the burnout syndrome or helplessness that fans were concerned about.

We often work goal-oriented to achieve the desired result. Sometimes sacrifice and perseverance are enough. Even after achieving that difficult goal, set another higher goal and continue to temper it. Someone who is worse off says, “Now take your time and enjoy yourself.” It is advice to live with a value orientation that respects the process rather than the goal orientation so far. Most of us want that.

In general, a mental illness called ‘Burn-out syndrome’ can come to retirees who have resigned from their long-time jobs or to those who are generally excellent or sincere and diligent. This syndrome refers to being lethargic due to mental and physical fatigue that appears after exhausting one’s passion. This syndrome is characterized by a feeling of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased psychological distance from work, increased negative or cynical feelings toward work, and decreased job efficiency. 메이저사이트

Emily Espahini Smith, author of “How to Live Like Me,” says that most of us are not happy even though we live our lives with a sense of duty to be happy. She says that the reason she is not happy despite a lot of abundance is because her life lacks meaning. As a result of five years of research, the author discovered four pillars that make our lives meaningful: Belonging, focusing on the person next to me, Purpose, finding what I need to do, and joy beyond myself. It is the transcendence of discovering, and the storytelling that makes my life.

Lydia Ko is known to have started playing golf since she was 5 years old. Those who enter the professional path from a young age like this can not only get tired physically and mentally if they repeat the same practice and experience for a long time, but they may also experience a phenomenon such as burnout syndrome. Occasionally, there are times when the names of outstanding players who have won several championships in golf tournaments suddenly disappear from the main board. There may be various reasons for each individual, but some people may need sufficient rest rather than participating in competitions. Although the goal of winning has been achieved, there will be a psychological emptiness that comes to those who keep running forward, and they may lose the meaning of life that they have supported so far due to fatigue.

When I just came out of a job where I had worked for 30 years, I was just helpless. I was alone when I took off all the ranks and insignia that had been supporting me. At such a time, as the author Emily said, I looked back at myself, supported me in the future, and made my own storytelling through writing. Finally, he completed a collection of essays and continued to publish two books. Although it was lacking, it was time to recharge myself. Just as antibodies develop if you overcome the dreaded COVID-19 well, better opportunities can come if you overcome burnout syndrome well. The meaning of life must be created by oneself. no one can replace Of course, if you meet a good person, you can get a lot of help. It is as if Lydia Ko chooses a strong life partner in difficult times and produces surprising and happy results.
Columnist Kwak Hae-yong, Father of Kwak Bo-mi Pro

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